Why Join Iron Athlete?

We are the only sports performance training gym in the area that provides individualized, focused attention from professionally trained strength & conditioning coaches every visit to the gym.

We want you to succeed. We want to put you in a position to win. Our goal is to build stronger, quicker, more powerful, better conditioned athletes.

Iron Athlete is the only sports performance training gym in the area that provides individualized, focused attention from professionally trained and educated strength and conditioning coaches during every visit to the gym.

During all gym hours, one of our qualified coaches is on the floor helping all Iron Athletes have a safe, effective, challenging training session.

Our affordable monthly training and membership includes:

  • Unlimited training sessions with our experience coaches
  • Expertly designed programs customized for age, skill, sport, and position
  • Speed, strength, power, agility, and endurance development
  • Safe, motivating, confidence-building environment
  • Performance based nutrition guidance
  • Sport-specific injury prevention exercises

But why take our word for it? Read what our customers have to say!

“We lifted very hard in the offseason, and when the season started, we never stopped, and Jim Ward is the one that directs that for our program. Jim really does an amazing job, there’s no doubt. Besides his attention to detail, it’s the energy he brings every single day. Not only does he do the strength training, the speed training – he does all of our conditioning training. He does all of our nutrition, gets kids talking about what they should be eating during the week. The kids have really grown to love him.”

 – Dick Beck, North Penn High School Head Football coach

“My son has been training with Iron Athlete for more than 2 years. Throughout this time, Jim has challenged my son with age-appropriate strength, conditioning, and agility activities.  My son has transformed from an awkward adolescent to a strong, confident high school athlete.”

– parent LaSalle College High School Football player

“I also wanted to let you know what a difference that you have made in Jason both mentally and physically. Jason feels that you are really preparing him for this upcoming season and for playing football in college. Jason has always loved football, but you have motivated and inspired him to a new level.”

– parent North Penn High School Football player