Why Invest In Sports Performance Training?

The primary reasons to invest in sports performance training are to give an athlete the opportunity to compete to the best of their ability and provide them with a competitive advantage to be successful.

Sports science has proven that exercising with the specific goal of improving an athlete’s effectiveness in a particular sport is more beneficial than general workouts with little or no direction.

At Iron Athlete, our sports performance training programs develop the whole athlete and are defined with four objectives:

  1. Specialized – Designed to develop and build pre-determined physical qualities and associated skills deemed critical for increased success and reduced risk of injury in a specific sport or athletic endeavor.
  2. Progressive – Training is scheduled in a way to produce the specific results over time with limited risk of injury. Training programs are modified and adapted as strength and fitness increase in parallel with where the athlete is in relation to their season.
  3. Transferable – All training is a designed to promote high-levels of performance in competition and optimal transfer from specialized and simulated exercises to that particular sport.
  4. Holistic – Combined with the training objectives above, Iron Athlete’s sports performance training shapes the athlete beyond the field and gym, by including discussion and direction on proper nutrition habits, rest and recovery, and injury prevention.

The result is an athlete with a strengthened mind and body prepared to walk into competition with confidence, inspiration, and the will to win.

One of our parent clients shares his story:

My son has been training with Iron Athlete and Coach Jim Ward for over two years. Throughout this time, Jim has challenged my son with age-appropriate strength, conditioning, and agility activities. My son has gone from an awkward adolescent to a strong, confident high school athlete. Jim prepared him well for high school football camp, and taught him proper and safe techniques for weight lifting. Jim’s training provides not only sport-specific training activities, but the overall strength and conditioning activities that develop the whole athlete.

– parent LaSalle College High School Football player