What We Do For Coaches

At Iron Athlete, our primary way of working with teams is to serves as your Strength and Conditioning coaches. By partnering with us, we will assess, program, design and implement a strength and conditioning plan best suited for your team, specific to your sport. We oversee and manage the strength and conditioning program throughout the year and develop, motivate, and train each one of your athletes.

Iron Athlete consults with each coach and designs an individualized program based on the goals you define, the areas of improvement you would like to see, and the individual make up of your team. With your direct input, we design and implement a strength and conditioning program focused on having your team stronger, faster, better conditioned and more powerful then ever before.

With Iron Athlete as your strength and conditioning sport performance training partner, you receive the benefit of our knowledge of the most current trends in weight training, fitness, nutrition, speed and agility, and periodization for  pre-season, off-season, and in-season program design.

Iron Athlete Programs and Services For Coaches:

  • Full-time Strength and Conditioning Coach – An Iron Athlete coach becomes a member of your coaching staff and works with you and your team year round. The strength and conditioning coach creates, runs, and supervises all team workouts. These workouts take place on site at your school or field and your team also has access to the Iron Athlete facility.
  • Pre-season, Off-season, In-season Strength and Conditioning Program Design – Sports specific strength and conditioning programs designed to meet your individual or team needs that you implement. Iron Athlete then meets with you for periodic check-ins, program assessment, and updates.
  • Strength and Conditioning program consulting – Have a program in place? We meet with you to review and provide direction on improving and updating the program with the latest trends and techniques to ensure the best outcome for your team.
  • Coach The Coaches – Introduction to strength and conditioning and teach of proper exercise form and training methods
  • Athlete Testing and Benchmarking – Implement and execute individual or team testing to measure and monitor performance improvements
  • Weight Training Clinics – Most young athletes have little to no knowledge how to properly perform weight training exercises. Iron Athletes weight training clinics teach your team the proper way to complete the exercises incorporated into your strength and conditioning program.
  • Speed Camps, Agility Camps, Speed and Agility Camps, Conditioning Camps – Iron Athlete camps are programs focused on developing improved performance in a targeted area such as speed or agility. Teams are pushed and motivated to work hard and learn exercises that will carry over beyond the conclusion of the camp.

Have Questions? Call Us (267-421-5271) For A Consultation or Invite Us Out To Your Facility. We’ll be happy to go over our programs with you.