What Separates Iron Athlete from Other Facilities?

I meet parents everyday. As a proud business owner I am consistently promoting my business and trying to get others as excited about Iron Athlete as I am. When talking about Iron Athlete I am always asked about location.  I mention that we are in a warehouse in Hatfield. Inevitably people ask me if we are like Crossfit. Explaining what a sports performance facility is can be difficult if that person has never trained for a sport or has never been in a gym specifically set up to train athletes.With the popularity of Crossfit many facilities have opened hoping to cash in on the cross training fad. People who have a passion for fitness are now opening training facilities, getting certified either online or at the YMCA over the course of a Saturday (or not getting certified at all). Are they really qualified coaches? Would you trust you kid with them?

I want to explain the 2 biggest reasons Iron Athlete separates itself from “Crossfit” style gyms and why we feel our facility offers the best sports performance training in the area.



Reason 1: The number 1 reason Iron Athlete is the best place for athletes to train is “we are a sports performance training facility” Simply put: we train athletes for sport. Everything we do is specifically and individually designed to help our athletes improve. Each athlete receives an individualized workout program every four weeks and it is very specific to their physical maturity and physical and mental capabilities. We address physical limitations and previous injuries. We consider the demands of their sport, position, and style of play. If parent and athlete agree we can reach out to their coach and talk with them about specific goals for the athlete.


Reason 2: Coaches. Our coaches are qualified not only because we are former athletes but we are also educated in the science of strength and conditioning. You can take one look at our staff and see that we still pay our dues in the gym and use hands on, real world, under the bar experience to help us improve as coaches. We love passing on our gym experience. When we coach our kids our knowledge comes from being in the trenches. We never ask an athlete to do anything that we haven’t tried. We hone our craft in the weight room and in the “classroom”! Iron Athlete coaches also continue to improve by going to seminars and clinics so we can share ideas with others. Just this month our coaches attended Elitefts Sports Performance Training Seminar in Ohio putting us in the same room and sharing ideas with strength and conditioning coaches from the NFL, NCAA, MLS, MLB and some of the strongest gyms in the world. Our coaches have experience! We have played collegiate level sports: football, volleyball, and lacrosse. Another reason our coaches are the area’s premiere team is that we have practiced our craft in weight rooms and on the field at some of the best universities in the world. Our staff has worked at the University of Notre Dame, Villanova University, Haverford College, and West Chester. We know what it like at the collegiate setting and we can confidently prepare athletes for immediate success while preparing them for the next level.


As you can see Iron Athlete and its staff are committed to the athletes. Our experience is with athletes and our facility is for athletes. Everything we do is to help athletes reach their goals. Train with Iron Athlete and live forever as a champion.