What Our Customers Say

The best endorsement of the Iron Athlete training philosophy comes in the words of our customers. We are humbled by the trust they place in us and appreciate their kinds words.

“I wanted to thank you for all of the difficult training during field hockey workouts/preseason because it definitely has paid off.  Today was our first day of field hockey preseason training for my college team. All of the girls were saying how hard of a workout it was, but it was definitely similar to some of the workouts we did during field hockey preseason, so I felt well-prepared. Thank you for always pushing us during workouts. It definitely has paid off! Thanks again!

    -Athlete, Bentley University Field Hockey

“I just wanted to send a giant “Thank You” to the two of you for the time and effort you put into working with our team. I admire both of you for your work ethic and your passion and our team was so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with you so closely. You are a class act. Thank you so much.

– Tom Kirk, Head Football Coach, Lansdale Catholic

“I am a mom of female high school athlete coached by Jim Ward and Sara Zollars of Iron Athlete.  When I was younger, I was a fit, 3-sport athlete, but more recently, with a highly sedentary job and life getting in the way, I was carrying extra pounds, feeling generally weak and very frustrated with my limitations and lack of fitness.

I Listened to my Daughter …  Hearing about my daughter’s workouts was interesting to me because the exercises were practical – not focused on fancy gym equipment – but yet very challenging.  She would tell me that Sara and Jimmy were very concerned about form.  Training with coaches that knew what exercises to do and how to do them so that I could avoid injury, was very important to me.

I tried… With a teasing “RIP, Mom” from my daughter, I decided to give the Iron Athlete adult classes a try.   I’ll be honest, it  was tough at first. However, Sara let me pace myself and constantly watched me and coached me to ensure that I had the right form to avoid injury. She was extremely patient with me and helped me slowly increase my weights and/or increase my reps to continuously challenge myself.

The Difference…I’ve worked with other trainers at “regular” gyms.. They had a “one size fits all” approach to training. That is not the case with Iron Athlete and the coaching that I have received there. They recognize the difference in goals between a 17-year old athlete, an adult athlete, and adults who simply want to feel great.

The Results…  I am so motivated to continue on my fitness journey. I feel my body getting stronger, my endurance increasing and my confidence returning, you can’t keep me away! I know that I would never have had this change in attitude if it had not been for the knowledge, patience and understanding of Iron Athlete!!”

– Jackie Swanson, Adult Class Member

“Our son needed to begin weight training to prepare for high school football.  We wanted to make sure his technique was good before moving to heavier weights.  Jim, Sara and Iron Athlete was just what we needed.  They emphasized technique and closely watched his progress while challenging him.  Our son entered his high school football program as the strongest freshman thanks to Iron Athlete.”

– Parent, La Salle College High School Football Player 

Iron Athlete has designed a program specifically for wrestling.  It is a GREAT program .  I have seen the results first-hand!  Core strength is vital to a wrestler.  The core is the building block.  Once the core is developed, balance, grip,  explosiveness, and overall strength will follow, but most of all, confidence is built.”

-Rich O’Neill, parent/ former Head Coach – North Penn Youth Wrestling

“I just wanted to say Thank You to Sara and Jim and Iron Athlete for helping my son, a wrestler, pack on 15 lbs of muscle since the beginning of summer.  His core strength and explosiveness should be very evident this wrestling season!  I think every wrestler would benefit from Iron Athlete’s training strategy!”

– Ken Gilmore, Parent – North Penn High School Wrestler

“As a parent of a high school athlete, I appreciate the importance Sara places on proper form.  We sent our daughter, a swimmer, to Iron Athlete to help her get stronger and faster – and did not have to worry about her hurting herself while training at a gym.  The coaches are very watchful and motivating and my daughter came home sore, but definitely psyched and up for the challenge of her next training session.   I also liked that they contacted her coach to get feedback and direction from him.  They made sure they were on the same page and working on the areas that needed to be strengthened for her to perform at her best in her next season.  Not only did we see great results in her performance, but we saw her confidence grow as she got stronger.

UPDATE:  She is now competing at Penn State University and has earned the #1 Freshman Ranking in the Pre-Season Combine.

– Parent – Penn State University Swimming

“I was 260 last year and I was up to 285 in the offseason. I gained a lot of weight through not working out after the season. Working with Coach Ward, I lost most of it, and now I’m mostly muscle. He transformed me into a better player. I feel bigger, faster, stronger than I did last year. Time passes and you get bigger, but I feel so much stronger and faster and everything than I was last year. I’m a better player.”

 – Offensive Lineman, North Penn High School Football

“We lifted very hard in the off-season, and when the season started, we never stopped, and Jim Ward is the one that directs that for our program. Jim really does an amazing job, there’s no doubt. Besides his attention to detail, it’s the energy he brings every single day. Not only does he do the strength training, the speed training – he does all of our conditioning training. He does all of our nutrition, gets kids talking about what they should be eating during the week. The kids have really grown to love him.”

 – Dick Beck, North Penn High School Head Football coach

“Training at Iron Athlete Gym under the direction of James Ward allowed me to take my performance as a football player to the next level. The Iron Athlete facility is the ultimate athlete’s playground containing all the luxury workout equipment I could ask for. With James Ward’s goal oriented workout schedules, I was able to exceed my weight training goals and at the same time build endurance and stay highly conditioned. I learned very quickly that this gym is for serious athletes that are strong-willed and passionate about raising the bar. Iron Athlete Gym is the “only gym” for Steve Jones.”

Steve Jones All-American TE East Stroudsburg


“My son has been training with Iron Athlete for more than 2 years. Throughout this time, Jim has challenged my son with age-appropriate strength, conditioning, and agility activities.  My son has transformed from an awkward adolescent to a strong, confident high school athlete.

– parent – LaSalle College High School Football player

“I wanted to let you know what a difference that you have made in Jason both mentally and physically. Jason feels that you are really preparing him for this upcoming season and for playing football in college. Jason has always loved football, but you have motivated and inspired him to a new level.”

– parent – North Penn High School Football player