What is Sports Performance Training?

Sports performance training is training of the body and mind to prepare the athlete for the rigors of a specific sport. It differs from personal training in that the athlete is conditioned and prepared properly to compete in their sport of choice, rather than broader general fitness. Individual characteristics such as age, gender, and fitness level are combined with scientifically proven training methods and exercises to create a customized, sports specific workout plan that results in a more confident, motivated athlete.

The focus is to enhance the athlete’s performance in competition by using the latest advancements in sports science and kinesiology to develop a sport specific strength and conditioning program that improves the athlete’s overall athleticism – one’s strength, agility, speed, power, coordination, and balance as it relates to the sport in which they compete.

For example, a volleyball player who is involved in sports performance training will be performing exercises that mimic the movement patterns required on the volleyball court. She will be focusing on reaction, balance, vertical leap, agility, and high-intensity interval training. By modeling her training around the demands of her sport, she will develop the specific abilities needed to excel in competition.

Over time through coaching and direction, the athlete naturally gains self-confidence by experiencing the results of their hard work, determination, and commitment to their specific workout regimen. Knowing they are physically prepared helps remove self-doubt and places the athlete in the best possible position to be successful in their chosen sport.