Sport Performance – Strength & Conditioning

Iron Athlete offers monthly memberships for youth & high school athletes. We design and coach highly individualized strength and conditioning programs that build strength, increase speed and explosiveness, improve work capacity, and prevent injuries.

Iron Athlete is the only gym in the area that:

  • Develops individualized, sports specific strength and conditioning programs for every single member athlete based on their age, skill level, sport, performance goals & injuries incurred or common to their sport.  Yes, we are that detailed.  And we do this every 4 weeks for each of them to keep them challenged, progressing and to keep it interesting.  
  • Provides all member athletes with individualized coaching every time they step into the gym.   All the benefits of private coaching for a small fraction of the cost.
  • Has our unique training culture.  We believe in high standards, hard work, and the invaluable trusting relationship between coach and athlete.  That means, we get to know your kids, we talk about what’s going on in their lives (the good, the bad, the stressful, the funny), we poke fun, we talk smack, we work hard and they know we care.  We believe the best in our athletes and they rise to the occasion again and again.  


Our monthly membership athletes train with us up to 3 times per week and have full access to our staff of coaches for support in working around minor to moderate injuries, mobility & stretching, nutritional guidance, and anything else we can provide through our extensive training experiences and education that will help them be successful.


 Month to Month Contract

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Advance scheduling is currently only required for assessments and first lift days

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