Adult Classes and Programs

At Iron Athlete, we believe in effective, results-driven training for all our clients.  We offer various options to cater to different fitness levels, interests, goals, budgets and schedules.

Individual private sessions

($55-$65/hour) with purchase of Membership

Women’s Strength & Conditioning 101

Our women’s only strength and conditioning class is the newest addition to our program offerings – and it’s been a big hit.  This class offers in-depth strength training instruction to build lean muscle and includes conditioning to additionally reduce unwanted body fat for a lean, confident-in-your-clothes look and feel.

This is a 4-week recurring program but you can join anytime.  I’ll get you up to speed.  Body-Composition-1140-460

Mon/wed/friday 6am-7am.

$99/month (membership required)


Some people weight train while others do cardio.  Our Bootcamp is a fun and challenging combination of both!  We combine resistance training with challenging body weight exercises and a great playlist (not to be underestimated) in a self-paced group setting.  You will have fun, learn new skills while getting stronger. Your cardiovascular fitness will improve and you will burn tons of calories and see your body transform.  What’s not to love!?

This type of training is the perfect way to shake things up, give you a full body workout and get your metabolism going.

See the schedule for times and days!

$15 drop in rate or $99/Month for Unlimited classes (with membership)