Iron Athlete – on the inside

Check the Manual

I’m not sure as gym owners and coaches, we’re actually allowed to confess any weakness, but ever the rebels, here goes:  We’ve been in business for a little over 4 years now.  4.47 years of pretty solid grind.   We get a little burned out sometimes, and question if we can continue pouring ourselves into making coaching a viable full-time job.  And then…Kevin or Jen or Maria happens and we know the answer.

Best Question Ever.

Let’s talk about Kevin.  He just started at Iron Athlete about a month ago.  He’s in 7th grade.  After his workout one day he asked if there was anything extra he could do.

The Finisher:

While being safe to perform in a fatigued state, a finisher is an exercise meant to be a bit of a gut check – both mentally and physically challenging I won’t go into detail.  The actual exercise doesn’t matter.  Plus, Kevin has probably already retold and um… embellished the story and I don’t want to throw him under the bus.  Swagger is good.  What matters is that he worked at it.  It wasn’t fun but he kept pushing anyway.  Chipping away at it, his face was telling me he kind of wanted to quit.  Things got a little dicey…ugly even.  But he finished.  Leaving a sweaty mark on the floor, he got up and gave me an exhausted fist bump and thanked me.

Ditto, Dude.  Seriously.

See, the thing that keeps us going day in and day out is this:  We really enjoy coaching.  We are driven to make a difference in people’s lives.   In that small moment, Kevin got more than arms that felt like noodles and we got more than a completed assignment.  He learned a little about himself.  He learned how to get through something difficult. To persevere. He trusted his coaches to give him only what he could handle and had the courage to tackle the challenge.

The Big Heart of a Champion Starts Here

Now he knows he’s capable of more than he thought. – and we get a huge kick out of making that connection.  It fires us up and keeps us working even harder for Kevin and Jen and Maria and …you and your kids.

Want Some of This?

If you are interested in your own small moments of progress that build into something great, or simply want to learn more about adult, youth, private and small group programs at Iron Athlete, come over and meet us, give us a call or send us an email.  We need you here!