How We Help Coaches

In simplest terms, Iron Athlete helps coaches by partnering with you to develop a sports specific strength and conditioning program that will support your team’s development 365 days of the year.

Over the last decade there have been significant advancements in sports science and kinesiology that have dictated changes in the way strength and conditioning programs are designed and executed. It’s no longer one size fits all. Just like lacrosse or football have specific skills that only an experienced coach can pass on and demonstrate to their team, sports performance training and strength and conditioning programs are no different.

Iron Athlete is the premiere sports performance training company in the area and is capable of helping you design a sports specific training program to maximize the performance of your team both on and off the field.

Let Iron Athlete teach your athletes the best way to train and maximize your team’s time in the weight room.

A current client coach shares his story:

We lifted very hard in the offseason, and when the season started, we never stopped, and Jim Ward of Iron Athlete is the one that directs our Strength and Conditioning program year round. Jim really does an amazing job, there’s no doubt. Besides his attention to detail and knowledge, it’s the energy he brings every single day. Not only does he do the strength training, the speed training – he does all of our conditioning training. He does all of our nutrition, gets kids talking about what they should be eating during the week. The kids have really grown to love him.

-Dick Beck, North Penn High School Head Football coach