Gym FAQ’s

Iron Athlete moved to 646 E. Main Street in Lansdale in November 2017 from our previous location in Hatfield.  We expanded our services and hours of operation to include General Membership  – the kind where you just come in anytime during our open hours and use our stuff and soak up our unique culture of hard work, good fun and results.   We continue to provide our unparalleled Sport Performance Training to athletes 12+ and are dedicated to introducing our adult clients to the value of our programming, our coaching, and being in a gym that actually cares about their progress.


What hours is the gym open to General Membership?

  • Mon-Thur 5am-9pm
  • Fridays:  5am-8pm
  • Sat and Sun:  7am-3pm
  • Holiday schedules may vary


What Hours are you open to Athletes on your Sport Performance Memberships?

  • Check the schedule and look for “Sport Performance Hours” to make sure you’re coming when we have coaches scheduled.


Do you allow Chalk?

  • Heck yeah! Not only do we allow it, We PROVIDE IT!

Should I Abuse it?  (chalk)

  • Um.  No.


What key equipment do you have?

  • Squat Racks (6 total, 3 Samson and 3 PowerLift reserved for our athletes during certain hours of the day)
  • 11-Station Full-Body Selectorized Machine Circuit
  • Westside Reverse Hyper
  • PowerLift Unilateral/Bilateral Leg Press straight from Univ. Texas Football Weight room
  • Prowlers and Sleds
  • 4000+  lbs of weight
  • Bumper Plates
  • Olympic Bars
  • Olympic and Deadlift Platforms
  • PowerLift Glute Ham Developers
  • Full Set Fixed E-Z Curl Barbells
  • Regular and Specialty Bars (Elite FTS Trap Bar, SS Yoke Bar, American Cambered Grip Bar)
  • Kettlebells: 18kg – 36kg
  • Dumbbells: 5-125lbs
  • 5-Station Multi-Stack Cable Crossover
  • Samson Dedicated Competition Benches
  • Battle Ropes
  • Chalk


Should I put all that equipment away after I use it?

  • Yes!  Leaving plates on bars or the leg press is perhaps standard operating procedure at chain gyms, but here at Iron Athlete, everyone does their part to keep things in order and in place for the next lifter.  Respect the weight room.


I know you have an awesome weight room, do you have cardio equipment too?

  • Yes, we believe in Not-Boring Effective Cardio.  We have a small, thoughtfully selected assortment of Spin bikes, Rower, and Treadmill, Sleds, Prowlers, Kettlebells and Battle Ropes, farmer’s walk bars and a tire for those who like more creative cardio options.


Do you have classes?

Can I drop into any class or do I need to sign up first?

  • It depends, Drop-ins for $15 each are welcome in our Bootcamp which is designed to be effective with either regular or intermittent participation along with a regular lifting or cardio schedule (either done on your own, or with our programming).
  • Women’s Strength & Conditioning Program is NOT meant for random participation.  This program (and it’s participants) are built one day at a time, each day building off the last.  Consistency and commitment are clutch here.