General & Adult Services

At Iron Athlete, we believe in effective, results-driven training for all our clients.  We offer various options to cater to different fitness levels, interests, goals, budgets and schedules.

Private TrainingWomen's Strength & Conditioning 101Boot CampBasic Membership
Schedule based on client needs/trainer availabilityMonday/Wednesday/FridayTuesday/ThursdayUnlimited Visits
Flexible hours6:00am-7:00am5:00am-5:45am, 5:15am-6:00amOpen Gym Hours
In-Depth Strength/Cardio Under Your Coach's GuidanceIn-Depth Strength TrainingFull Body WorkoutOptional Workout of the Day
Completely Customized ProgrammingReduce Unwanted Body FatJump-Start MetabolismSelf-Guided Workout
Reach Your Personal Fitness GoalsBuild Lean MuscleHave Fun & Learn New SkillsReach Your Personal Fitness Goals
Individually-Paced Private SessionsSelf-Paced Group SettingSelf-Paced Group SettingSelf-Paced Open Gym Environment
Certified & Experienced CoachesCertified & Experienced CoachesCertified & Experienced Coaches
$45-$65 per 60-minute session$99 for 4-week program$15/class or $64/month

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