Covid-19 Update – Taking One For The Team

Since Thursday at 2pm, after the Governor’s announcement, we have been gathering info and inquiring further with our state representative as to how we, at Iron Athlete, should respond to this situation.  What is our responsibility to our membership, our staff, our family, our business & our community?

Honestly, it is a very tough position with many conflicting interests.  As we get a better picture of things and the reasoning behind the recommended and mandated closures (Social Distancing), we must choose between:

1) Staying open and doing what is productive for ourselves, our members’ training interests and the health of the business, or

2) Closing down for the time-being, following recommendations of people smarter than us, and doing what is healthy for this situation and our community as a whole – quite possibly with a significant degree of personal and business risk.

Our members are warriors, die-hards, athletes, gym rats, training beasts, meat heads and rookies just starting to get on track and finding the gym love. None of us consider the gym to be “non-essential”.  In our heathy bodies and vibrant immune systems, we aren’t scared to hit the gym.  But that’s not the point.  The point is to separate people, stop sharing breathing space, and surfaces to slow this thing down so it can be controlled, understood, prevented. So we can all move on – hopefully sooner rather than later and go back to work, school, sports, dances, graduations, life.  And we all have to do our part.  We can’t half-ass this any more than we can half-ass a training session.  It’s a collective effort.  A team effort.

So that’s our stance.  We feel that the right thing to do is to take one for the team and continue to follow the closure recommendations and aid in social distancing.  We hope that other non-essential businesses will also follow suit so that our efforts are not negated.  All in.  For the team. ‘Merica – and all that.

Stay strong,

Sara & Jim