Corona, Cancellations and Credit Cards

May 9, 2020


We genuinely hope this email finds everybody’s family healthy and safe.  That is important.  We are doing everything we can to stay healthy over here too, and survive as a business.  So many of you have reached out to us and extended your hand – and that will never be forgotten.  During all of “This” (I know you know what I mean) the goodness of people is what will shine through and be remembered.   So Thank YOU!!!

That being said, we need to talk a little business and make sure everyone is clear about how we are handling membership.

We have NOT implemented any across the board membership cancellations. Your membership fee is all we have as income to help us get through to the other side and be able to re-open.   All our expenses both personal and business continue as usual.  There is no shut-down with that.  We understand that some of you are also experiencing financial hardship and may be unable to keep up with paying membership fees.  We get it.  If that is you, please know we are processing all cancellation requests ASAP and waiving our 30-day notice requirement as a small thanks for hanging in there with us as long as you did.

 If you need to cancel, please DO THIS:

  • Communicate your request to cancel with us through an email to That’s it!

Please DON’T DO this:

  • Dispute charges through your credit card company after they are charged. We are heavily penalized with fees for this course of action
  • Allow your membership to lapse with an expired credit card or one that is locked or suspended. We get charged for each automatic attemptto satisfy the membership fees agreed to in your contract.

Thank you again.  All of you – no matter which boat you are in – Thank you for being part of Iron Athlete. It is only the best gym in Lansdale because of the people in it.  Take good care of yourselves and each other and we hope to see you soon.

Sara & Jim